The Rachel Maddow Show

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I’ve been flipping through the channels a lot lately and stumbled upon the Rachel Maddow Show. I’m not an active follower of early evening news programs, but something caught my interest. Maybe it was the smart, yet funny, commentary or perhaps just intelligent news, but it was the only prime time news program I’ve watched and thought “Gee, I wish I could have see the WHOLE episode”. Later that same day, I was watching the Daily Show, and Rachel Maddow made a guest appearance and realized that I really need to start watching her show. I’ve been doing my best lately to watch it everyday like I watch the Colbert Report and the Daily Show. If you haven’t already checked out her show, I recommend you do. Her show airs on MSCNB at 9pm EST or check out her show’s website.

Here’s an segment about the Blair House controversy from the Rachel Maddow Show webpage. It’s listed under “Lame duck watch: Quackitude!”. Who wouldn’t want to watch a segment from Quackitude?

Blair House


Most Literate cities in the US of A

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I’ve been trying to make browsing the Yahoo! featured news a daily routine of mine. Keeping up with my new tradition, I came across this article of the USA’s most literate cities, and found Seattle and Minneapolis at a tie for number one (I knew I liked this city for a reason!). Some other cities listed after the big two are San Francisco, Cincinnati, Boston, and St. Louis. The judging of “most literate city” was judged by six criteria: newspaper circulation, number of bookstores, library resources, periodical publishing resources, educational attainment, and Internet resources. If your city isn’t listed there, go buy a newspaper or pick up a book at the library. It’s good for you and your mother would be proud!


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I love music, but who doesn’t?  Nowadays everyone is listening to their favorites on their Ipod, Zune, or whatever is an individual’s MP3 player of choice. I’ve even seen teenagers with a headphone in one ear and talking with their families while eating dinner at Applebee’s. Everyone wants to hear their music. But how do you listen to something new? You can go out and buy a CD without listening to it and risk the 50/50 chance of there being more than one good song on the album. Asking friends for a recommendation is always an option, but their tastes are not always what you’re looking for or you might already have all the music by their favorite artist. Is there an alternative? 

Yes there is! Pandora Radio! I like to listen to music while I work and my former roommate suggested I try an online radio with no commercials called Pandora. I checked it out and I can’t stop listening! Once you sign up on the sight, type in a music artist you like and you’ll hear music by that artist AND other artists with similar styles or sounds. On my Ben Harper mix I get artists like Jack Johnson, Xavier Rudd, Alexi Murdoch, Wade Egan and Bob Marley. Now, when I feel like I need a new tune in my head, I log in and I’ve got a new favorite band in no-time.

Sign up. Check it out. Rock on.


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For the past couple of days, my free time has been spent playing Mahjong solitaire. Maybe I’m behind the trend because I just started playing it but I think it is much more of a mental exercise than regular solitaire. It may take a few turns to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, make sure you have some free time to spare. This game will use all of it.

Potty Training

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I’ve seen cats use the toilet, but now there’s a Bobcat that can! I wish my dog could do THIS

I hear there’s an old windmill around here…

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Windmills. Lately, they’re called wind turbines and this one blows up: Boom

 What a powerful machine! Powerful enough to create energy or “windergy”, but also powerful enough to take a few people out if it self-destructs at a high speed. They sure do make a nice scenery picture though!

Outside of La Grande, OR

Outside of La Grande, OR