The Rachel Maddow Show

I’ve been flipping through the channels a lot lately and stumbled upon the Rachel Maddow Show. I’m not an active follower of early evening news programs, but something caught my interest. Maybe it was the smart, yet funny, commentary or perhaps just intelligent news, but it was the only prime time news program I’ve watched and thought “Gee, I wish I could have see the WHOLE episode”. Later that same day, I was watching the Daily Show, and Rachel Maddow made a guest appearance and realized that I really need to start watching her show. I’ve been doing my best lately to watch it everyday like I watch the Colbert Report and the Daily Show. If you haven’t already checked out her show, I recommend you do. Her show airs on MSCNB at 9pm EST or check out her show’s website.

Here’s an segment about the Blair House controversy from the Rachel Maddow Show webpage. It’s listed under “Lame duck watch: Quackitude!”. Who wouldn’t want to watch a segment from Quackitude?

Blair House


~ by kagalicious on January 15, 2009.

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